Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winter Morning

The weather has been a little dicey over the past couple of weeks, however that has been how February in Indiana has been for the past several years. Ground Hog Day brings bad news and bad weather. Over the past two weeks we've had at least two major snows, and tonight we're in the danger zone for receiving another snow storm. I stopped watching the weather, because I didn't want the bad news...but I know that we're in the "Warning" zone. Maybe we'll be lucky and only getting a dusting of the white stuff.
As you can see from the picture, the "white stuff" is covering us quite nicely. No grass blades in sight. This view is part of the property we share with my parents. The fence has been built and re-built a couple of times. My sister and I built it one summer for our horses. I think I was 16 and she was 15. Behind that fence and just down the hill from that is a rather large creek that runs next to our property. The water brings us a fantastic variety of birds. Over the years we've seen some birds that are unusual to our area, and have only stopped over because we have water, food, and lots of trees.
The wonderful thing about winter is that I get to take some awesome pictures of the snow.


Youngish said...

Hi Christy, thanks for visiting me and for the kind words:)
Burrr, stay warm!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

this is what our yard looks like right now but it is still coming down. They called a snow day...but it won't effect me because I don't work on Monday! Maybe spring is around the corner?

Dawn said...

That picture is fantastic, a proper winter wonderland.... another talent to your many skills x