Sunday, February 7, 2010

Copper Triptych

This is my Copper Tag Triptych that I made for a Paper Whimsy swap. I've never made one before, but I've seen them and thought they were very neat. I set out today to work on another project, but while it was drying...I decided to work on this one. A little more time consuming, but the finished product I was very pleased with.

While you could use one larger sized tag in the middle and two slightly smaller ones on either side...I went with all three the same.

A friend of mine was over last weekend and had some sheets of copper with her. I had an embosser with several embossing patterns, so she borrowed them and rolled us each a set of the patterns. They were still laying out on my desk...and because I'm quite partial to copper, I decided to try to make the center tag copper. I did lots of planning and laying out, and switching around this afternoon.

The copper tag in the middle was cut to size and I adhered it to the tag by running the copper sheet through the Xyron machine. Worked beautifully! After I was satisfied with the lay-out of everything, I decided that I was going to try out the Alcohol Inks I've had for a very long time and never tried. Guess I was too chicken. I practiced on a small piece of copper and found that they were pretty easy to use. While the ink I added is subtle, I'll maybe try to be a little more bold next time. I used the colors Mushroom & Eggplant.

Most of the flowers were attached with copper colored rivets...just to keep that touch of copper going throughout the Triptych. Added several other little touches of copper to bring the three tags together. Even though this piece is not's the same family of colors. I REALLY love playing with colors, and have found by experimenting this year...that I must have an eye for color combinations. Things that I wouldn't have normally put together, I'm finding I rather like.

I attached the three tags together at the sides by putting in copper rivets, and then using contrasting ribbon to tie them together.

I hope whoever ends up getting this will like it...because right now, I'd like to keep it!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I want can't keep it!'s georgeous Christine! You have really made a true work of art and I just love it. Who wouldn't?

Debby said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Wish I had time to play this one. SIGH!!!

Terri said...

Christy, this is so lovely! You certainly do have an eye for color, as well as placement. Someone will love receiving this fab creation!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

this is such a fabulous many gorgeous details in it. I really wish that I could play right now, but sweeping dust and packing boxes is my middle name! Have a wonderful Friday!

Barb said...

Hi Christy,
This is stunning! Thanks for sharing with us. Ü