Saturday, July 25, 2009

Elk Rapids, Michigan

So the first day of vacation started out somewhat slow. We slept in a bit and took our time finishing packing everything up. It rained all night and we woke up to rain off and on. By the time that Jack got ready to put the canoe on top of the van, of course it started raining again. So that delayed us some more. We finally left home around 10:30ish and decided that we were hungry, so we stopped in Anderson and ate Kentucky Fried Chicken. After filling our bellies and the gas tank, we got on the road at 11:38am. The trip was wet, cool, and windy. Once we made it into Michigan, the sun started shining through, but even though there was was still pretty cool due to the wind.
After the fairly quick trip of 6 1/2 hours to the rented cottage...we arrived to see the most beautiful, clear, and blue lake. Amelia and Jack decided to try the water out a bit, only to find out that it was a bit on the chilly side. As you can see from the wasn't terribly sunny at this time of the evening due to some rain clouds...but they enjoyed the quiet time anyway.
We've already sampled the local sweet cherries. Yum! Some of my favorite fruits...and they're local and the trees are growing EVERYWHERE! We plan to bring some home with us. My dad will really enjoy them too.
I did pack lots of art supplies. I have one project that I need to post this week, so I must work on it. I have a couple more that are due very soon, so if I have time, I'll work on them too.
Think hard and you'll be sitting on the dock too!


Debby said...

Have a great vacation Christy!!! Looks beautiful. Hope the weather turns to summer like conditions for you.

Christy Laudig said...

Thank you Debby! I hope so too.

Dawn said...

What a Heavenly spot you are staying in Christy..hope it is a truly memorable holiday, sure it will be xxx oh yes any chance of geo-caching there?