Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunny Day

I took this picture this morning out one of my kitchen windows. The weather has been so off and on again the past couple of weeks, that I welcomed the sun this morning with a smile.
The past two Saturdays we've been wanting to attend the Raintree 100 at Mt. Lawn Speedway, but due to rain...the races have been post-poned. So the sun this morning was a welcome addition to start my day.
The sun helps me appreciate my collection of cobalt glass lining my double kitchen window. There's nothing like looking at the sun through my kitchen windows and seeing the affect that the sun has on the glass.
Happy Sunday!


Debby said...

What a beautiful picture, Christy! The glass is awesome.

Shannon said...


I love this picture you took. All teh green in it. I don't have much green to look at here in AZ. I also love that lightning picture in your previous post. But I just love those four bird ATCs you made and posted about three or four post's ago.

But most of all I wanted to thank you for your very, very nice and uplifting comment you made on my blog. It truly made me feel better. Thank you for that. I know that all of us creative people do that same thing to ourselves and you just need to stay positive and focus on what your own strengths are. It's just hard sometimes when you see these other artist's who just have a God given talent and their artwork is so beautiful, it makes you feel like you have no business calling yourself an artist. But I truly do appreciate all you said and I took it to heart and it really did make me feel better. Thanks again or that. How did I not know about your blog I wonder? Luckily, I know now and it's on my favorite's list.

Shannon Sawyer

Dawn said...

Awesome pic Christine... wish I was as adept with a camera as you are, this is so wonderful, the blue and the green POP!