Sunday, July 26, 2009

What I'm currently working on

While at the cabin, I've started working on a project that is due this Friday. I'm a bit behind, so now I'm having to make up for lost time.

This project is a Paper Whimsy project that is all about going GREEN. So, for awhile I've been collecting items that I might use to create whatever it is that I'm creating. Right now, I'm in the laying it all out stage. I have a backing that is currently drying that you won't see in this picture. It's a pizza box, with a dryer sheet glued onto it. I plan to add some paint and embellishments to it when it's ready. What you see to the left started out as a part of a flyer from a "Victoria Secret" mailing. The cutie is hiding the bra wearing girl in boots from the ad. I added the wings to her to help conceal...the girl behind. The bottom left hand corner has a new sticker that is covering the prices from the flyer. Some of the other recycled items that I'll be using in this creation is the mini drink umbrella, the tag at the upper left hand that was a price tag off a piece of clothing, that will pull from behind the flyer. The tab at the top, is a tag that I clipped out of the back of the shirt the price tag came from. You'll also notice some bubble wrap, postage stamps, and some poppy seed heads. I have a few more things I may or may not just depends what it all looks like when I start gluing it all down. I'm liking the colors so far. How about you?


Dawn said...

This is so fab...yup, yup, yup loving the colors. it is coming together really great, cant wait to see it on the pizza box - Very clever my friend xxx

Debby said...

Oh!!! I love this piece, can't imagine how fab it will be when you are done.

Christy Laudig said...

Thank you ladies...can't wait to finish it. The glue drying is killing me!!!

Terri said...

Way to use trash Christine!!! You are so artfully gifted and I love to see what you are making. Thank you for sharing with us all. I am so glad you are enjoying some artful time.