Sunday, December 6, 2009

Art of My Dad

I've had this photo of my dad and his brother for several years. Many years ago I made a pillow out of the image. I think it is so sweet and when I look at it, I see how much I looked like my dad when I was that age.
This helps me stay grounded. Reminding me of when life was more simple as a kid. I wanted to make each creation unique, so they're all different.
I've used images from Paper Whimsy and Artchix to enhance each of my creations. It's always fun to create with both of their lines. They both offer unique items and are different from each other's products.
Thank you for sharing with me.


Terri said...

Christine, I clicked on each one so I could see it better, and they are so very wonderful! You are really doing amazing art!

Barb said...

Lovely cards Christy... how lucky you are to have pics of your dad as a child...mine's parents couldn't afford a camera ( it's a long time ago)...but I do have the cutest studio pic of him as a toddler which I have used in my art.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

oh Christy these are just precious! what a wonderful family photo you have !!