Thursday, October 22, 2009

Backside for Sanna

Finished the backside for Sanna tonight. I used Cheese Cloth to make all of the hair. Used E6000 to attach it in little tiny strips and rows. I had E6000 all over my fingers...thought I was going to take some of the skin off when I removed the dried glue.

Since I added the hair to this changed the look to the other side. So, I'm adding a new picture of the other side. I really like the snow side best. What's your favorite?


Anonymous said...

Oh they are both so terrific Christy! I love how the facial siude really enhances the snowy scene and I love this child image too! My book is going to be so neat strung together on my wall! Thanks for all the love gf! Sanna

Barb said...

Christy...this is a lovely ornament...Sanna is going to love & treasure it!...I know I would...vbg.
Great idea using the torn muslin.