Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Nest of Fairie Eggs

As you've read...I love a deal. This weekend was fruitful, even though I only spent about $5.
See this cute little next...well I actually got four of them just alike and they were brand new. I paid $1 for all of them. I decided that I wanted to have a little fairie standing in the middle of the eggs, and this little Paper Whimsy girl was a perfect addition to the nest. I added some wings to her, and a colorful silk bow. You'll notice some tatting at the bottom of her dress. This is some vintage tatting that a friend of mine brought me from a big antique show she visited in Ohio earlier this summer.
One last thing to note is her wand. Again...a deal! This is a bobby pen with a star on the end of it that I got at a garage sale for 10 cents. I knew that I would someday use it for a wand. I cut half of the pen off so that she only had one stick. I then cut her hand away from the rest of her and put the wand under her hand for deminsion. Isn't she adorable?


sharon said...

Loooooove this girl Christy, just gorgeous!

Tolegranny said...

She is a darling. Just love her. Wonderful!

Dawn said...

amazing Christy,love her, and the way you put it all together x