Sunday, April 5, 2009

Visitor to our Yard

We live in central Indiana in the boondocks. We have woods and meadow all around us and it's not uncommon for us to look out the window and see some sort of wildlife. We've had a large group of deer eating out of my flower garden this winter and we have many squirrels that entertain us every day. I have been noticing a fox farther down the road and have tried to make sure I have my camera with me while I travel. The one day that I could have had a great picture, I scared the fox off while fumbling for my camera.

This day was a different story...last weekend I was creating in my studio and I happened to catch something moving outside of my window. To my surprise it was the fox...and the best part was, my camera was sitting RIGHT THERE. I grabbed it and ran to the windows on the front side of my house and started shooting pictures. This was the best one of the lot. As you can see, a nice health fox. After I was finished taking pictures, I headed outside to make sure our cat was in the garage. I wasn't really worried for her, but for the fox. I've seen her chase a fox out of our yard before. She doesn't realize that she has no claws and that she's a cat.

I can't wait to see what will visit our yard next.

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Dawn said...

I live in a rural area like you, love seeing the wildlife, the foxes I have seen recently have looked a bit bedraggled, not healthy like this one at all.
I love to see the badgers, listen to the owls and the woodpecker BUT the most special moment I had was when I was driving the kids home from school and we saw a WHITE STAG - AMazing!!!