Monday, January 26, 2009

Challenging My Ability

One of my favorite memories from the past is going to Herron Art School for Saturday classes while I was still in High School. I loved art. I lived for art. Art was the only thing that kept me in school. I think I took most of the classes that our school offered. I won a scholarship to go to the Saturday classes, and my parents paid for my sister to attend with me too. We had some friends from another school that we shared a ride with. They were guys and we had a blast riding with them in their Ford Pinto FIRE TRAP. The guys took animation classes, I took Basic Composition...and to tell you the truth, I can't remember what my sister took.

Some of the fun of attending Herron was visiting the Book Store. New art supplies...what could be better?! To this day, I love new pens, papers, supplies.

While art was a big part of my life in High School, I found little time to create after I headed out into the real world. What I did do were crafts. These were easy to do and filled that creative void I had.

Twenty-five years later, all it took was a new friend to push me just a little bit...and for me to loose my job. I've started creating again, and I'm loving it. I've reconnected with an old middle school friend that is also artistic and I spend a lot of time thinking about new creations and creating challenges.

This week's challenge was presented by Helga of She challenged us to use the scraps from an old project and create something new. For me, that was a tuffish challenge as I have very few scraps. But, I mulled it around yesterday, and then slept on it...spent the day cleaning house and my craft room, and then sat down and used the scraps to create a new ATC. I was happy with the result when I finished. I hate to finish them though, because I know that someday I will be passing them along to someone else. What I did learn from this challenge was, I fell like I'm back in High School. Learning new lessons.

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