Friday, March 9, 2012


Digital art has quickly become my
new obsession as you can all see.

I have been trying to learn new features
during each piece so that it not only is
art, but a learning experience.

One of my newest lessons was offered by
Gale Blair over at Paper Whimsy.
She offered this shortcut.  Instead of
using the dropdown box to transform
an image, she offered Ctrl-T.  Works
great and I'm so happy to add that
to the other shortcuts I use.

I decided to go a little abstract on
this piece and play with colors.

Honestly, once you start playing
with Photoshop, you won't want
to stop...and digital is a wonderful
way to get your quick fix of art
when you don't want to
make a mess.

I see that I've added some new
friends to my blog. Thanks
for stopping by and seeing
what I have to offer.  I hope
that you'll take a few minutes
to leave a comment or ask
a question about Digital Art.

Hope you find time this
weekend to art. <3 

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Another dream dear Chris.
Amazing digital art.

Have a lovely weekend. xoxo