Monday, February 27, 2012

My Delight

Here's my digital art from this weekend.

Learned something new from a friend and

was so happy to see how easy it is to do.

I wanted to add shadows and my friend Aleesa

showed me how to do it. Who knew it was

going to be as easy as click & pick a drop down.

Oh my gosh, I'm in love!

If you haven't ever created digital art, you

must try it. It is easier than you think

and with the images I've been using from Paper

Whimsy in the Hybrid's easier than

cutting out an image.

I've noticed a few more folks working on

Digital Art lately. I feel some new artwork

inspiration coming from all directions.

Hope you have a super week. I'm working

on a secret project that I hope to have done

mid-week, so you may not see anymore images

from me until later this week. Hugs!


sharon said...

Wow Christy...this is so pretty and amazing! I do not do digital art at all, maybe someday!
I scrolled down and looked at your other work....I am in love!!

Sandy said...

Wow Christy she is gorgeous.
What a wonderful digital piece. Love them.

Sugar Lump Studios said...

this is beautiful Christy! Really am enjoying seeing your digi creations.

KPCL Girl said...

*I* got to see this in progress. :-)