Monday, February 20, 2012

Digital Art

I have started a recent obsession with Pinterest. While searching through images in Google for Altered Art, I came across Theresa Martin's blog along with her Digital Art. I have been familiar with Theresa's artwork for a couple of years, but have never been over to her blog or website. I began perusing and found her Digital Art that was featured in one of the Stampington magazines last year. Yes, I do remember seeing it...but NOW, it left an impression on me. So much so that I felt the immediate need to attempt some myself.

I do have a limited bit of knowledge with Photoshop and have CS4. I needed to get a quick refresher course from my 20 year old daughter for some options that I knew how to use last year, but have purged since then. Off to my Paper Whimsy folder to see what I had in the Hybrids that I could utilize in my creations. Found enough glorious images that I could begin my spiral into what I like to call....obsession.

So the obsession began by sending me on over to the PW Shoppe to start stocking up on MORE images. I spent about an hour deciding which ones I wanted, and then because of a slow server...spent another 2 1/2 hours downloading them. It really shouldn't take that long...

If you don't know me...I LOVE turquoise...and I LOVE turquoise & copper. But I also like other colors that enhance the delicious color I call my current favorite. Something else you should know about me....I love

monochromatic. I could have easily used turquoise flowers (if they'd been available) and been quite content with it.

I'm also very fond of I had to create this fun little page to satisfy that whim. I love the fact that in the PW images...if you use the PNGs, you can easily copy & paste them into your image.

Each of these pieces uses PW images only. "Cogs" & "harmonious" have two layers each for backgrounds with the top layer's opacity being set much lower.

I can really see me easily spending every waking hour playing with my new found delight.

If you haven't already tried your hand at Digital Art, perhaps you now have a little confidence to make the attempt...

By the looks of things, it appears that I need to spend a little time figuring out my Blog and how to get it all pretty and such. :)


KPCL Girl said...

Turquoise. Yep.

Lorraine said...

These are all beautiful, Christy. I wish I could do more digital art, but my hands won't bear up. Turquoise and copper, sounds like AZ. ~Lorraine :)