Monday, January 3, 2011

Fresh Face Amelia

Best Face Forward

This was from a photo shoot I did of Amelia this Fall.
It was a beautiful day and with the lace tablecloth in
the background, it shaded her beautifully and
created an etherial look.

I used one of Florabella's actions on this photo.
And I am submitting this picture
as my favorite face of 2010.

Hope you like it!


Morgan Ramirez said...

I love the look of this photo! Black and White fit it so perfectly.Good Luck!

missy said...

lovely, absolutely lovely.

Lisa Gutierrez said...

This is absolutely beautiful!

Terri said...

Well done Christy! This photo is really special, so much depth of emotion in it.
Happy New Year!

engagement rings said...

Stunning image, very pretty