Saturday, November 20, 2010


I decided to try my hand at making these flowers this evening. I've seen them here and there and thought I would try to create them without a pattern. Simple enough.

First you take man-made material and cut out circles of different sizes. After the material was cut I used my tweezers to hold the edges over a flame from a candle. This singes the edges and curls the material up. do this all the way around. After doing this to all of the circles I start stacking them starting with the largest to the smallest. I then either sew on a button or just stitch the layers together. I was able to create about 15 flowers in about and hour and a half with no problem.

I plan to use some of these on a head band for some of my photo shoots. Can't wait to try them out on somebody.

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Terri said...

I love these! The color is really lovely. I have seen these around too, but I have yet to try them.
I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving.