Sunday, April 18, 2010

Trash to Treasure Blog Giveaway

The before and the after of Gale's & my day of garage sale hunting and creating with what we purchased.

I spent a day arting with my art buddy, Gale yesterday. She noticed that her neighborhood was having a garage sale and suggested that we take $10 and find items that we could create art with and use those items only to create something.

While I believe that I heard Gale whisper at some point that she had in mind to create an ATC, I set my mind on some sort of display/assemblage. I think BIG.

I love garage sales and I know what to walk past and where to head for those items that are art worthy. I pass all the shoes, all the clothes and all the furniture and head towards the tables in the back.

Gale and I had a blast traveling around looking for treats and trinkets. The weather was sunny, but the wind was blowing, so I ended up with a good case of wind burn on my face. But that didn't stop us from crossing from Gale's neighborhood, to another nearby...before calling it quits.

I pretty much knew what I was going to do by the time we got back to Gale' I was off and running from the beginning. I used all of my items except for one...the Maurice Chealier Album. I wanted to scan it before I did anything with it. It is AMAZING...and the book also has an amazing etching of Queen Elizabeth in it that I can't wait to scan.

After working for a couple of hours, we took a break for some of Philips delicious Mac & Cheese. It was so wonderful that I over ate. I couldn't help myself. And the lemon cookie that Gale mentioned is just that....Heaven. Gale mentioned, we both decided that we were going to give away our creations. So if you'd like a chance at winning my little Trash to Treasure Creation.....sign up to follow my Blog (if you're already a follower you can play too)....then leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite trick is when you go to garage sales.


sharon said...

Wow, you got some real prizes there Christy, and created a gorgeous display! I don't think I have any tricks, I just like to dig deep and behind things for the good stuff, and I always haggle!!

I am already a follower!

Ophelia said...

Love your treasures....I can get lost for days at flea markets and garage sales...I love just digging! You would be amazed at the things you find...

joy said...

Love your assemblage, Christy! I love to go through unsorted boxes at garage sales - sometimes there is real treasure to be found at the bottom!!

Another thing I love to do - fan through used books at the library, garage sales, thrift stores. I have found snapshots, airline tickets, notes, postcards, receipts and more inside.

Hope I win your fabulous piece!

Jan said...

"I will follow you....follow you wherever you may go"! Well, you get the idea. I have been one for ages (stalking?) and would love to be entered! AND I want to do this with you guys in May! Okey dokey?
I'll bring extra $$$$

Debby said...

Sounds like so much fun and looks wonderful. Read about your adventure in Gale's newsletter, how lucky to be so close to visit and play. Would love to be entered.

Marlynn said...

Oh, Christy - I would love to win your drawing. My secret at flea markets garage sales - if I am interested in something, I pick it up and walk around with it before going to pay for it. AND, if I decide not to purchase the item, I put it back where I found it. I also flip thru books to find hidden treasures such as notes and old photos. I love notes written on the written page! My fingers are crossed.

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous that you live so close but I'd love to win your gorgeous art!! How lucky for you to have such great finds ... and artful friendship to boot!
:)Linda K

Sandi said...

Looks like you and Gale had a lot of fun!! I'd love to own your Trash to Treasure piece. The first thing I do at a garage sale is to make a quick scan to see if it looks interesting or not. If so I take more time browsing. If I see something I like, but I'm not sure yet, I NEVER set it down until I am or someone will grab it!!!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

wish I loved closer because you found some wonderful treasures!
Thank you for the kind comments about my arch...I find little to no time to create anymore and it makes my heart a bit heavy...but the house looks better each day! :) Summer will be here soon and no work for me so I can get my mojo back by then I hope!
We are looking for Gothic Arch Hostesses so if you by chance are interested just let me know! Would LOVE to have you!

Dawn said...

Christy what great finds - I am like you ignoring all the clothes etc. I go for the bric a brac stalls, the old books and postcards, oh and not forgetting the jewellery, I love to find broken bling to use in my art.
Show me lace and old fabric and I go for that too, even though I can't sew I still love to have it!

Lucky you to be able to art with Gale! wow that is awesome