Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another Altered Art Book

This is the front page of my Altered Art Book with a group of ArtChix. This the second RR that we've done. My first book was an Angel book...but this time, I've left it much more open for everyone.
I just realized while writing this...and looking at my picture, that I didn't even follow the guideline that I had set for my book. I said that it was to be B&W and add a color of their choice. Well, I have black in the background...and I do have one color....but I didn't get the white in there. Hope they'll forgive that I had a brain lapse. I just loved this photo and love it with the turquoise. The roses in her hair and by her left hand are 3-D...and I put a pearl earring at her ear. This picture does the art no justice. Can't wait to see the book sometime next Summer!


sharon said...

Christy, this is absolutely gorgeous...I just love it, and the are so inspiring!

peggy gatto said...

1 of my favorite images. This will be a pleasure to work on!!!!

Christy Laudig said...

Thank you ladies! I love this image soft and lovely!