Monday, June 8, 2009

Swap with Cristal

Last weekend I created these 4 ATC's to swap with Cristal Wooten. Cristal is an amazing artist and teacher from Arizona. Cristal was the first person to send me an ATC out of the goodness of her heart. That really touched me and got me interested in trying some different styles of art.
The pieces that I've seen of Cristal's...she likes to use different paint pens in her creations. I've been lucky enough to get to trade with Cristal a couple of times now. She always inspires me to try new things. I've started using some pens to embellish or enhance my art now. I used paint pens on three of the ATC's I made her...AND I used some H2O's on one of them. Love the shimmer and affect H2O's create.
Our theme was BIRDS and it was supposed to be blue, green, and purple. I tried to stick to the colors, but the top left one I just couldn't. I hope she likes it, as I used a REAL nest to create it. You can't see it, but there is a tiny plastic egg under the bird too.
Three of the backgrounds have pages from my vintage dictionary....I used pages that had definitions for BIRDS.
Thank you Cristal for always being so kind and willing to trade with me.


Terri said...

Christy your ATC's are wonderful, colorful and very creative! I am just starting with ATC's and I enjoy them as well.
I too love shimmering H2O's. Yesterday I used them to dye some silk, that I used to make a "shrine". It's on my blog.
In a couple days I will be free to get those rolodex cards started to swap with you....still on for that?

Debby said...

Christy, they are all just gorgeous. Lucky Cristal! I don't know how you find the time to make all your fabulous art, but I sure love looking at it.

Terry said...

Oh my they are all so fantastic.
What a wonderful creative way to express yourself.
Thank you for sharing .
Have a fantastic weekend filled with many moments of joy.
Happy Trails

Barb said...

Chrysti...these are gorgeous ATCs...I love birdy ones!
Where ever did you get a nest small enuff to use ??

Christy Laudig said...

Barb...the nest is probably a wren's nest...and I only cut 1/4th of it away. They are so teeny tiny. I wish you could have seen it in person...much more 3-D.