Sunday, May 24, 2009

PW Canvas Shrine - The Best Day

Over at Paper Whimsy Chris T. is hosting a Canvas Shrine Swap. I've never done this before, so I decided to join in.

I try to do my homework before I start a new project, so I looked on the internet for ideas. Found very few, but was able to come up with some ideas from what I saw.

I used a very light-weight spackling compound to add texture and fill in the crack on the back of the canvas. I only textured three sides of the canvas just in case I wanted to "stand" the shrine. After I completed this I used a rubber stamp to add more texture and depth and then let it all dry.

While it was drying, I narrowed down which images I wanted to use and decided upon this little paper doll. It's hard to tell from this picture, but I made her 3-D. There's lace behind her high collar, her hat head and neckline are 3-D, and her umbrella is 3-D. I added a copper handle and peg to the umbrella too. Her broach at her neckline I used Paper Glaze to make it look gem like, and added glitter to the wings.

I sprayed the whole canvas with black spray paint, and after that dried started layering the colors. The niche behind the paper doll is a copper color and I used a piece of vintage measuring tape. The title of this work is "The Best Day"...and I finished that out on the back by saying..."The Best Day is measured in happiness, not inches".

The flourish handle above the paper doll is also vintage...these items are from my personal collection of savings from over the years. The key I found in my junk drawer.

I hope my swap partner likes it!
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Debby said...

Christy, this is just such a gorgeous piece, really love it.

Anonymous said...

Christy, what an amazing shrine!! I love all the texture!


SarahD said...

WOW Christy I love your Shrine...stunning xxx